Lake Erie Fishing Reports

Your Lake Erie Fishing Experience

Step into Captain John Ware's world of fishing expertise with our dedicated Fishing Reports page. Here, Captain Ware regularly shares detailed accounts of his latest excursions on Lake Erie, providing valuable insights into current conditions, successful techniques, and the hotspots for catching Walleye and other species. Each report is a treasure trove of information, offering both seasoned anglers and beginners a glimpse into the day-to-day experiences of a professional fisherman. From water temperatures and weather patterns to the types of bait that are yielding the best results, these reports are not just narratives but essential guides that help you plan and optimize your own fishing adventures with H2O Boss Fishing Charters. Stay informed, stay ahead, and dive deep into the art of fishing with Captain John Ware's engaging and informative reports.

We got this questions a lot. Is there good fishing in Lake Erie? Is it legal to fish in Lake Erie? How much does it cost to fish in Lake Erie? Lake Erie provides excellent fishing, particularly for Walleye and Perch, and H2O Boss Charters offers expert guidance to the best spots. Fishing is legal in the lake with a required license, and Captain John can help obtain one. The cost for a charter trip with H2O Boss Charters ranges from $550 to $650 for a base package accommodating up to 6 guests, which includes a full day of guided fishing with experienced crew and quality equipment, ensuring a memorable experience for anglers of any skill level.

Captain John at H2O Boss Charters specializes in seasonal Walleye fishing trips on Lake Erie, available from April 8th to October 15th each year. Catering to various preferences, we offer both half-day excursions and extended 7-hour adventures. Our boat is designed to comfortably accommodate up to 6 passengers, ensuring a personalized and enjoyable fishing experience for every group. Join us for a memorable trip and the chance to reel in the coveted Walleye on the beautiful waters of Lake Erie.

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